Matepani Gumba


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Matepani Gumba

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Matepani Gumba was established in 1960 A.D. by Nyeshang people who migrated to Pokhara from Manang.
Situated on a small hill, east of the Pokhara city, the monastery is about five kms from downtown Pokhara. 
The visitors can get there by local means of transport.
The monastery has striking scenic beauty and ideal vantage point to view the valley and Mt. Fishtail. 
Several eye-catching wall paintings, magnificent monuments, a huge statue of Lord Buddha in meditation flanked by Gurun pinpoche and Karmapa are an astonishing sight. 
The statues are about 11 ft. tall. 
No entrance fee is charged to visitors. 
The monks are very hospitable and pleased to receive visitors regardless of the caste or religion.


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