Budhanilkantha Temple


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Budhanilkantha Temple

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  1. Budhanilkantha Temple, located in Budhanilkantha, Nepal, is a Hindu open air temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Budhanilkantha Temple is situated below the Shivapuri Hill at the northern end of the Kathmandu valley.
  2. It can be identified by a large reclining statue of Lord Vishnu. 
  3. The temple's main statue of Budhanilkantha is considered the largest stone carving in Nepal.
  4. The main statue is a black stone structure carved from a single block of black basalt. 
  5. The statue stands 5 meters tall (around 16.4 feet) and is positioned in the middle of a recessed pool of water, which is 13 meters (42.65 feet) long. 
  6. It depicts the deity reclining on the coils of the cosmic serpent Shesha. 
  7. He holds the Sudarsana chakra, Club,a Conch Shell and a gem in his four hands. 
  8. He is well adorned with a crown engraved with multiple Kirtimukha images which can often be seen being overlapped by a silver crown. 
  9. This temple is regarded as a sacred place for Hindus but equally well venerated by Buddhists which is an excellent example of religious harmony in Nepal.


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